Junior High School

Main Program In developing a learning system for Junior High School is to prepare every student to build character, attitude of students so that they can adapt very well to their environment. Improve their discipline, among others, become more independent and encourage sportsmanship in achieving all achievements.


Junior High School Principle

Mam Maria Linda, S.Pd., M.M.
I have been working for 35 years and working in the world of education, I feel that working at Global Prima is really different, because Global Prima is always at the forefront.                 
"Better to be different than slightly better."  
For all junior high school students of Global Prima, one of the students pledge is to study hard and work hard to increase devotion to God Almighty, skills, and etc. Here I want to accompany all of you to be more creative, innovative in learning based on responsibility, discipline and which is no less important is to become a person who has good ethics and respect, love parents. 


  • Religion 
  • PPKn
  • Indonesian 
  • Physics 
  • Chemical
  • Biology 
  • Mathematics
  • Sociology
  • Economy 
  • Geography
  • History
  • SBK
  • PJOK
  • English 
  • TIK
  • Mandarin 
  • Art and Craft 
  • Math 
  • Science
  • Robotics


  • Math Club 
  • English Club 
  • Mandarin Club 
  • Science Club 
  • Abacus Club
Non - Academic 
  • Taekwondo Club 
  • Basketball Club
  • Futsal Club
  • Violin Club
  • Painting & Coloring Club 
  • Choir 
  • Dancing Club 
  • Traditional Music Club
  • Modern Music Club
  • Modelling Club



  • Copied of Birth Certificate: 1 sheet
  • Copied of family Certificate: 1 sheet 
  • Pas foto 3×4: 6 lembar (menggunakan seragam sekolah nasional)
  • Pas foto 2×3: 6 lembar (menggunakan seragam sekolah nasional)
  • Fotokopi Ijazah Sekolah yang dilegalisir: 1 lembar, jika siswa belum menerima ijazah maka cukup melampirkan fotokopi SKHUN yang sudah dilegalisir oleh sekolah sebelumnya.


 Domestic Student
  • Surat Mutasi DAPODIK yang sudah dilegalisir oleh Dinas Pendidikan 
  • Surat Pindah dari sekolah siswa sebelumnya
  • National Student ID Number (NISN) 
  • School Accreditation Letter of Former School 
  • Original Report Book
Overseas Student 
  • Original Mutation Letter (Legalized by Embassy Of Indonesia / KBRI)
  • Copied of Passport 
  • School Accreditation Letter of Former School 
  • Original Report Book