Primary Level

Main Program In learning for elementary level is to guide spiritual attitudes, namely very good in the obedience of worship, behaving gratitude and religious tolerance socially forming an honest attitude,
both in discipline, confidence, courtesy, responsibility and care for fellow living things.

Attitudes in knowledge and skills educate students through talents and skills so that students are able to race in the achievements of the fields of logic, ethics, aesthetics and practice.

Where the purpose of learning can form the character of students / students in accordance with 6 profiles of Pancasila that is:
1. Believe, fear the Almighty God, and be morally noble
2. Global Diversity
3. Mutual Cooperation
4. Self - sufficient
5. Critical Reasoning
6. Creative


Primary School Principal

Ms. Yubaniar Pratiwi, S.S.,S.Pd.,M.S.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity given to me to share knowledge with many people especially to our beloved students. In addition, being part of educating the students at Global Prima was the best experience for me. Then, life balance runs in beautiful harmony when we can interact with each other.


  •  Religion 
  • PPKn
  • Indonesian 
  • IPA
  • IPS
  • Mathematics
  • SBK
  • PJOK
  • English 
  • TIK
  • Abacus
  • Mandarin 
  • Art and Craft 
  • Math 
  • Science
  • Robotics


  • Math Club 
  • English Club 
  • Mandarin Club 
  • Science Club 
  • Abacus Club
Non - Academic 
  • Taekwondo Club 
  • Basketball Club
  • Futsal Club
  • Violin Club
  • Painting & Coloring Club 
  • Choir 
  • Dancing Club 
  • Traditional Music Club
  • Modern Music Club



  • Copied of Birth Certificate: 1 sheet
  • Copied of family Certificate: 1 sheet 
  • Pas foto 3×4: 6 lembar (menggunakan seragam sekolah nasional)
  • Pas foto 2×3: 6 lembar (menggunakan seragam sekolah nasional)
  • Siswa minimal berusia 6 tahun dihitung per tanggal 1 Juli setiap tahun berjalan


Domestic Student
  • Surat Mutasi DAPODIK yang sudah dilegalisir oleh Dinas Pendidikan 
  • Surat Pindah dari sekolah siswa sebelumnya
  • National Student ID Number (NISN) 
  • School Accreditation Letter of Former School 
  • Original Report Book
Overseas Student 
  • Original Mutation Letter (Legalized by Embassy Of Indonesia / KBRI)
  • Copied of Passport 
  • School Accreditation Letter of Former School 
  • Original Report Book